This website is the home of Kit and the very large beast.

The Chorus of the Forest started as a sketch

Actually, it started as two sketches.

I was sitting in a coffee shop just doodling one day and Kit (who was not called Kit at the time) and the beast (who was not called the very large beast at the time) appeared in two different doodles.

A few months later, I was asked to come to the Fontenelle Forest and present an idea for a large sculpture that would be a permanent installation in the forest.

But ...there was a catch.  The sculpture had to be made out of recycled, reclaimed or up-cycled materials as part of the Smithsonian sponsored Green Revolution exhibit.

When I met with Brad Watkins, the Director of Communications at the Fontenelle Forest, I had prepared ten possible ideas for sculptures all made from non-traditional recycled materials. 

At this point, I had gone back to my two sketches and decided to combine them.  But how would they relate to each other?  I had the idea to connect them with a red string, as if the child was in charge and leading the beast.

There was a level of whimsy that I wanted the two cartoon characters to covey.  My idea was to turn these two cartoon characters into a large scale 3D sculpture.

When I showed Brad my sketch and told him the idea for the large sculpture, he said that he liked it! 

But ...I felt like there was something missing.  How would the visitors to the Fontenelle Forest react seeing these two characters in the middle of the forest?

Then, in that moment ...

the idea came to me and I said “Why don’t I also write you a children’s book as a companion piece to this sculpture - and what if the story was this ...”

Soon after, I was asked to be the Artist in Residence and from there, along with Kit, the very large beast, writing and illustrating a 48 page children’s book, I also created two other permanent sculptural installations and a fourth that is on loan to the Fontenelle ...all within a three month time period!

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The 48 page finished draft ...all in rhyme.

The day the boxes arrived carrying the actual completed book.  I grabbed the first two copies - one for my mother and the other for my sister.

The book is dedicated to both of them and in memory of my father.

The cover and interior page layout proof.

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