This website is the home of Kit and the very large beast.


Cernunnos is 5 foot tall bust and is sculpted from a clay that is made out of recycled plant fiber, limestone and water.  When the clay dries, it sets up as hard as a rock.

This piece was also created as part of the Green Revolution exhibit and is on loan to the Fontenelle Forest, with the hope that a patron or group of patrons will purchase the piece and then donate the sculpture to the Fontenelle as a permanent work of art for the Great Hall.  Overall height is 8 feet including stand.

Kit and the Very Large Beast is created from recycled bicycle tire treads and inner tubes.  The beast stands over 9 feet tall, Kit is 4 feet tall.

These are 3 foot tall origami bats made from up-cycled black aluminum window screen.  I will update this photo when the colony of bats are hung in the Great Hall at the Fontenelle Forest.

These are large scale origami bats (the large one is six feet tall) made from up-cycled wire hardware cloth, black aluminum screen and moss.

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So ...what other things do you do?

So, I’m a trained opera singer and I’ve traveled the US and Canada as a cast member in the national Broadway tour of The Phantom of the Opera as well as performed roles with a number of opera companies throughout the US.

I started sculpting in 2008 in my hotel rooms while on tour.  But that is a whole other story.

Below are three other sculptural installations that I created, along with Kit and The Very Large Beast sculpture for the Fontenelle Forest.

Future plans include turning The Chorus of the Forest into a children’s musical, as well as, publishing other children’s books about Kit’s new adventures and discoveries.  I have also been working on a novel about the life of Cernunnos, the Antlered Man.

I’m always looking for new opportunities to be creative. 

Do you have an idea, an opportunity or a need for a creative guy like me?  Click on the CONTACT button in the menu at the top and we can discuss your idea.  Scroll down to see images of my other work as well as my sculpture website address.